Ruston High to unveil new logo after action from Rutgers University

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Louisiana's Ruston High Bearcats are getting a new logo after Rutgers University asked the school to change it.

Both schools use an identical block “R”, but Rutgers holds the trademark. Ruston Principal Dan Gressett says the university has been generous in working with the school as it phases out the use of the logo.

“It was a surprise, initially, but we’ve moved on from that and we’ve gotten with a company to design some new logos and hopefully next week we’ll have those ready to roll,” said Gressett.

Gressett says the school is not seeing much pushback from the community as the block R logo has only been in use for the last ten years.

“We have gone pretty exclusive to that Rutgers-style ‘R’ but we have not been exclusive with that ‘R’ just even in the time that I’ve been here,” said Gressett.

Gressett says the high school and the university have a memorandum of understanding over the logo’s use, but no one is going to court over the issue.

“There was a lot of misinformation out there that Rutgers was trying to sue us but that was just totally false,” said Gressett.