Is it time to become defensive with our porfolio because of trade wars

With the ongoing US-China trade war and the potential to be the catalyst of a global economic slowdown, is it time to get on the defensive with our portfolio rather than be on the offensive?  

One strategist says that's exactly what we should be doing.  But local financial planner, Roland Doubleday says while it makes sense to react to a trade war that may be in the middle of the process, we really don't know what is going to happen.  

"It's more appropriate for people to periodically reexamine their asset allocations and then make that decision based on their risk tolerance and their time horizon for which they'll need the funds," Doubleday said.  "The final answer with the trade wars is we don't know so it does make sense to focus on individual circumstances and not to what one might think is going to happen in the market." 

Doubleday does advise people to check on their portfolio every quarter.  

"Every quarter, it is recommended to take a look at it to make sure there are no other changes that are required based on the change of circumstances which would then require a rebalancing of the portfolio," Doubleday said.  

He says each investor not to react based on what's going on in the world but rather what is going on within their own portfolio.