Universities and colleges prepare for returning students

LSU campus
Photo credit Kruck20

Colleges and universities are getting a game plan together to handle students returning to campus. Commissioner of Higher Education in Louisiana Kim Hunter Reed says having the latest coronavirus information is key.

“So we want to make sure we have the latest information in terms of research and science,” said Reed. “Not just make sure we know what happens when we do well, but what happens when you have COVID on your campus? How do you respond safely and appropriately?”

College students returning to campus will have a new app to help them self-check for coronavirus symptoms.

“Students have to answer a series of questions each day on their app to make sure they don’t have a cough, they don’t feel poorly, they don’t have a fever, before they enter campus,” said Reed.

Some universities will have staff from medical centers to help with temperature checks before students step foot on campus.