Ed Orgeron stresses importance of wearing masks


LSU football coach Ed Orgeron stressed the importance of the wearing masks and following Covid-19 safety guidelines during an appearance on Sports Talk Wednesday night. 

Oregon said its important to get recent spikes in the number of cases down in  order to safely have a football season.

"If everybody wants to play football I think everybody ought to start abiding by the rules and we are going to play football and everything's going to be fine," Orgeron told Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic.

lThe Covid-19 pandemic has already impacted the schedules of several major college football programs as some conferences like the BIG 10 are currently planning to only play conference games and some including the junior college association have canceled fall sports completely.

The SEC hasn't announced any changes to the 2020 football season yet, but when asked about potentially canceling non-conference games, Orgeron said doing so could have a negative impact on smaller programs who receive large payouts from playing Power five opponents.

He also said potential cancelations could negatively impact JUCO recruits as programs might not have space for them by the time they are able to properly evaluate them.