Scoot: Rejecting mask mandates reveals unpatriotic arrogance


The spike in coronavirus cases across the country appears to be directly linked to a reluctance to wear masks and practice social distancing.  Documented cases of parties and gatherings have led to community outbreaks of the coronavirus - and yet - there are some Americans who define their love of country by defiantly refusing to wear a mask.

There is a growing number of cases where retail workers are taking on the role of enforcer in businesses that require masks to be worn.  When a retail employee informs a customer that they must wear a mask - the pushback from the customer comes in the form of an arrogant "I don't have too!"

This "I don't have too" attitude is both wrong and ignorant.  Any business has the right to establish rules that all customers must follow, and demanding that all customers wear a mask is a rule that American businesses have a right to establish.  But with the refusal to wear a mask comes a delinquent behavior that is contrary to being patriotic.

The truth is - a customer does not have the right to defy a mask mandate in any business.  And why has refusing to wear a mask become the definition for patriotism in the minds of many Americans?  

Refusing to wear a mask as a definition for patriotism is an insult to the foundation upon which this great country was established.  If anything - the arrogant mentality behind refusing to wear a mask is a form of pseudo patriotism. Patriotism is defined as love for one's country and a willingness to sacrifice to protect that country.  Refusing to wear a mask is anything but an act of patriotism. It is a selfish act that boasts of a false pride.

For those who want to go around acting like they know the law and know their rights - shouldn't they actually know the law and their rights before they pretend to represent the Constitution in public?