Deuce's take: Coronavirus to tax training staffs across NFL

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Photo credit Chris Graythen / Getty Images
By: Mark Menard

As the NFL continues to move towards its 2020 regular season, the league continues to grapple with how best to handle the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saints Radio Network color analyst Deuce McAllister says, while the big-picture items are still be ironed out, it’s the day-to-day battles that will be fought by each team’s training staff that will be most interesting to see.

“The toughest job is going to be how do we handle water bottles,” McAllister said. “I truly doubt you will see the traditional cows or the hand-held cows where they drank the water out and it’s got the little nozzle on it. You’re probably aren’t gonna see that. So every guy is getting a Gatorade now? You probably won’t even see the squeeze bottles on the sideline. If you do, they’ll be marked.”\

McAllister said it’s not even just a matter of how players hydrate that will prove taxing for the behind-the-scenes workers who make each team run smoothly.

“Even from a towel standpoint,” McAllister said. “This towel is specifically for this player. Once he uses it, if he doesn’t keep it, it has to be able to go to the garbage. That’s gonna be amazing to see and watch just how they try to keep that stuff clean and separated.”

Coronavirus issues aside, McAllister offered up which position group he’s most looking forward to getting a look at during Saints training camp.

“I wanna see the depth of the tight end group,” McAllister said. “Is there any depth? Because you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re an injury away again from experimenting with Taysom Hill being that guy, either the main #2 or your receiving tight end.”

You can hear the full audio of McAllister’s appearance on WWL’s “Sports Talk” by clicking the podcast link.