Former NBA announcer 'not sorry' after 'all lives matter' tweet cost him his job


A former Sacramento Kings announcer is standing by controversial remarks that ultimately led to the end of his tenure as the face of the team's broadcasts.

Former Kings play-by-play man Grant Napear was fired from Kings radio broadcasts and resigned from their TV broadcasts in June after he came under fire for saying "all lives matter" on social media in late May.

But in a recent interview with Fox40 in Sacramento, Napear, who has moved away from Sacramento and started a new podcast, says he has no regrets.

“I said ‘all lives matter, every single one’, because I meant it. Do the lives of Black people matter? Hell yeah, the lives of Black people matter,” Napear told the station. “I’m for equality for all, that’s how I was raised. That’s how my dad brought up my brother and I.”

The tweet that sealed Napear's fate was published in response to former Kings star DeMarcus Cousins, who asked for Napear's thoughts on Black Lives Matter.

Cousins responded by saying "Lol as expected," while former Kings player Matt Barnes said Napear was a "closet racist." Former NBA great Chris Webber suggested the Kings had ignored such behavior from Napear in the past.

The exchanges and subsequent fallout came amid nationwide protests in the days after the senseless killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Napear, a fixture on Kings broadcasts since the late 1980s, insisted in June that his "all lives matter" remark was not meant to denigrate the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now living temporarily in Miami, Napear told the station, he has no hard feelings toward Cousins and is looking to get back into the announcer's booth.

“Do I make mistakes? Yeah, I make mistakes, and if I make a mistake, I try to say that I’m sorry. But I’m not sorry for saying ‘all lives matter, every single one,’” he said. “I’m not sorry because I believe that every life is important. I’m not sorry because I believe in equality for all. I’m not sorry because I try to treat everyone, regardless of the color of their skin, the same.

“I would love to get back into announcing, whether it’s the NBA or the NHL or the NFL -- whatever," he said. "I think that is what I do the best. But I would need someone that would want me as their announcer. So yes, I am keeping all options open.”