Kevin Hart shares why self-love and self-appreciation must start with you

The actor joins the 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty' podcast
Kevin Hart
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On a brand new episode of On Purpose with Jay ShettyKevin Hart joined Jay to share his more serious side and discuss everything from how self-love and self-appreciation must start with you, to how team effort is the foundation of success, and so much more.

LISTEN NOW: Kevin Hart ON: How to Conquer Your Fear of Failing & Processing the Obstacles of Forgiveness, Love, and Loss

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Kevin Hart ON: How to Conquer Your Fear of Failing & Processing the Obstacles of Forgiveness, Love, and Loss
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Comedian turned actor, author, investor, creative and CEO, Kevin Hart has become a Hollywood’s box office powerhouse, best selling author and more. Opening ten films at number one at the box office with $4.23 billion revenue at the global box office.

Throughout his discussion with Jay, it’s evident that Hart truly believes that there is no shortcut to success. It is earned through hard work, clear purpose, surrounding yourself with the right people, and a multitude of self-love.

Talking about the “different levels to you,” both good and bad, the latter of which Kevin refers to as “monsters.” Importantly noting, “just because they’re bad doesn’t mean they don’t have good qualities.”

“My monsters have been masked and disguised in various different ways but I’ve been able to pinpoint them throughout the years, because some of those monsters grew stronger, developed,” Kevin began to explain. “You’re talking about the world of ego, the idea of who you think you are versus what you are. Or the idea of expectations and needs to what you feel you need and what you have to have, that’s a monster that's feeding that… You’re buying into a world that you’re creating.”

Kevin went on to say that as you grow and mature and start to be able to pinpoint and “really figure out the true definition of happiness for you… and really understand the adult that you have grown into,” you start to understand the different aspects of yourself that you’ve banked throughout the years. And from there it’s up to you to accept and love them.

“You’re banking so much over the years and ultimately you’re shaping and molding yourself into, hopefully this grounded individual that you’re proud to look at in the mirror at the end of the day,” monsters and all.

For all that and more listen to Kevin and Jay’s entire conversation above.

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