Six pregnant women, 10 unborn babies killed by COVID in Louisiana since mid-July

Delta variant
Photo credit Getty Images

In the last three months, 14 Louisiana women have suffered “severe pregnancy outcomes” due to COVID-19. Of those 14 cases dating back to mid-July, six included maternal death and 10 included fetal death, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

“More COVID-19-related maternal and fetal deaths have been reported during the Delta surge than the total number of COVID-19 severe pregnancy outcomes reported during the previous 15 months of the pandemic in Louisiana. It’s a tragic reminder of the vulnerability of pregnant individuals and their children to this highly contagious illness,” State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter said in the report.

“Babies rely upon us and their parents for protection. We must do everything we can, including getting the COVID vaccine, to ensure safe and healthy birth outcomes,” Kanter continued.

In all 14 cases, the mothers were unvaccinated.