Are elected officials in City Government out of touch?


While residents of New Orleans deal with crime, crumbling infrastructure and garbage, City Hall seems to be concerned with renaming parks and streets and fighting with each other moving City Hall to the Treme.

"It does seem that the priorities of the council are not necessarily the priorities of the citizens or the electorate."

Political analyst Dr. Ed Chervenak says it seems elected officials like the mayor and city council are taking on smaller issues that are not in sync with the voters.

If City Hall isn't going to pay attention to the issues of crime and crumbling infrastructure, what can voters do?

It comes down to getting their attention. Dr. Ed Chervenak says you need a good organizer, a policy entrepreneur he calls it.

"Basically you would need a policy entrepreneur or leader who could mobilize people or get them into the streets like we saw with the folks in Treme," Chervenak says.

"So, that sent a clear message to the people in charge and I think that's what would be needed to capture their attention."

Chervenak points to the successful efforts to stop Mayor LaToya Cantrell's push to move City Hall. If that doesn't work:  "There's always the potential that a dark horse candidate could emerge," he says.  "We haven't really heard or seen any efforts of that happening.

But we're also waiting for qualifying, then we're really going to know who is going to run for what."