Big Freeze: Protect people, pets, pipes, plants

Big Freeze: Protect people, pets, pipes, plants
Big Freeze: Protect people, pets, pipes, plants Photo credit Getty Images: MarianVejcik

Temperatures are headed for 20s overnight for the next few days.

Residents need to do what they can to protect the four “p’s”:  People, Pets, Pipes, and Plants.

NOLA Ready has recommendations to help take care of all four.

When it comes to protecting people, stay inside with the heat.  If you have to go outside, layer on clothing, wear a hat to prevent heat escaping from the top of your head, wear gloves and bring a cell phone in case of an emergency.

If you care for elderly family members living in your home or offsite, make sure they’re doing OK, check in on them if you can.

Also, this is the kind of weather were pets need to be brought inside.

It’s just too cold outside for them.

Pipes need special care, especially for folks living on the Northshore.

Pipes need to be wrapped with foam, rubber, or fiberglass sleeves.

If you don’t have any, use rags or newspaper.

The idea is to wrap pipes with at least an inch of material to protect them.

After being wrapped, protect the wrap with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

As temperatures drop, it’s important the water pipes in your home don’t freeze or burst(!).

You can protect them by running a slow stream of water.

That minimizes the chances of freezing.

Unfortunately, pipes do burst.

If a break happens, shut off the water, drain the water from your home.

Plants need to wrapped to keep them from frostbite.