Council considers car crackdown

Council considers car crackdown
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The New Orleans City Council today votes on a plan to crack down on drivers who block intersections while spinning donuts or performing other stunts.

New Orleans has been plagued with these incidents, which hold up traffic and endanger onlookers, says Councilman Eugene Green. He says it's time to get tough with the drivers and organizers.

"It prescribes potential fines of up to $500 and imprisonment for 30 days, $500 and imprisonment for not less than 90 days on the second occurrence," said Green. "It also lays out, according to laws that we investigated in Baton Rouge, a procedure that would allow for the seizure of vehicles."

An amendment from council member Lesli Harris makes sure other motorized vehicles are included, too.

"It expands the definition of motor vehicle to include ATVs, dirt bikes, minibikes," said Harris.