DA Williams will refuse to prosecute abortion cases

Jason Williams
Photo credit WWL

In a statement released on Facebook, New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams said he would “refuse to prosecute pregnancy.” This comes as a bill is working its way through the State Legislature that would deem abortion murder.

That law or similar efforts could take effect if Roe vs.
Wade was to be overturned, as it appears the US Supreme Court is likely to do in the near future.

The DA pointed to a TIME Magazine Op-ed he wrote in May of 2021 where he laid out his case for why he would not prosecute abortion cases, even if empowered to do so by state or federal laws.

Williams response
Photo credit DA Jason Williams

Williams’ comments were in response to a request from City Council President Helena Moreno and Councilwoman Lesli Harris for assurances from city leaders that regardless of the coming legal environment related to abortion that local officials would not prosecute women who receive one.

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