Ed Orgeron: Fashion Icon?

Ed Orgeron
Photo credit Jerod Harris/Getty Images

After taking some time off following his departure from the head coaching gig for the LSU Football Tigers, Ed Orgeron has re-emerged, ready for a new challenge as… the CEO of an activewear company?

That’s the conceit of a hilarious new ad for Rhoback, an activewear brand whose commercial features Coach O, a national champion while on the sidelines in Baton Rouge, as the new “interim CEO”.

Rhoback shared the ad on their account on the social media app X (formerly Twitter).

The spot features Rhoback co-founder Kristina Loftus discussing how they needed someone to run the company when she goes on maternity leave.

The ad then splices in scenes of Coach O coaching up and motivating the various departments, including sales staff and warehouse workers.

And he introduces a new slogan: “Geaux Rheauxback,” naturally.

You can see the full 90-second spot below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images