How soon could Louisiana see sports betting?

55 of Louisiana's 64 parishes approved sports betting during the Nov. 3rd election
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During the November 3rd election, 55 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes voted to allow sports betting in those parishes.

“Its kind of the way of the world now being able to now...sports wagering that is… and I think parishes see a need.. that if someone is going to do then the parish should get a little bit of revenue off of it,” said Louisiana State Senator, Cameron Henry.

Senator Henry says, the state gaming board still has to finalize how to tax sports betting. However, he says do not expect to place your bets online just yet.

“Through either a restaurant, or bar, a casino, racetrack, off track betting, something along those lines to see if we want to start out there then maybe evolve to 100 percent online,” said Henry.

Henry says the lawmakers could pass the tax bill on sports betting as early as this next legislative session in April. Once the bills regulating sports betting is passed, he anticipates sports betting will be up and running by the end of next year.