LAGOP Chairman: Failure to override vetoes must have consequences

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Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Louis Gurvich says the failure to override any of the governor’s vetoes must have consequences.

Hours after the Louisiana House failed to override the governor’s veto on a bill that would have prevented transgender athletes from participating on girls’ sports teams, Gurvich released this statement.

“Louisiana Republicans are profoundly disappointed and deeply angered by the events in the Louisiana House of Representatives. Louisiana Republicans insist that there must be consequences for the Democrats, Independents, and the one Republican who voted to sustain the Governor’s veto of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

Gurvich is calling on House Speaker Clay Schexnayder to replace all Democrat House Committee chairs with Republicans who are members of the Conservative Caucus. He says if this does not happen, then a broader conversation about how the House of Representatives is run will be necessary.

LSU-Shreveport Political Science Professor Jeffrey Sadow says that may sound extreme, but…

“To my knowledge, there is only one other state that even does this practice of where the minority party gets to have a few chairmanships of committees, so it’s highly unusual,” said Gurvich.

Gurvich also says Kenner Republican Joe Stagni is being targeted for recall after joining with Democrats in voting against the veto override of the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.

The GOP chairman is also dismayed with Senators Louis Bernard, Pat Connick, and Franklin Foil who voted to sustain the governor’s override of the Constitutional Carry bill, while Senator Ronnie Johns failed to show up and vote.

“That certainly opens them up to challenges in 2023,” said Sadow.

Sadow also says the likely outcome from the override session that is the Louisiana Legislature becomes even more partisan.