Louisiana’s latest deadly habit: caffeine and alcohol

Louisiana’s latest deadly habit:  caffeine and alcohol
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A study from druggenius.com finds that roughly one quarter of all Louisianans are getting their fluids from caffeine and alcohol.

WWL went to Dr. Henry Nuss with LSU Health Sciences about the revelation that people are using caffeinated drinks and alcohol as fluids.  He stated:

“That percentage of Louisianans are kind of uninformed about the actual physiological effects that drinking too much caffeine and, especially, alcohol can have on their bodies.”

Nuss says they are needlessly exposing themselves to a myriad of health complications down the road.

To make matters worse, the study found some of those people surveyed say alcohol has a decreased effect on them, making them ‘booze fit’.  Dr. Nuss completely rejects this theory:

“The folks that say that they are ‘booze fit’ are misleading themselves into thinking they are immune or safe to the deleterious effects of alcohol!”

What they are actually doing is sailing into dangerous territory where the human body is not supposed to go.  Continued use of caffeinated drinks, soda and coffee to excess, alcohol not in moderation can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or any number of combinations and complications that are dangerous.

The one way out of this:  Drink more water.

“Water is the healthiest, purest and most beneficial thing we can drink,” Dr. Nuss declares.  “Some people will says ‘well I just don’t drink water, I’ll drink a diet soda instead’ and that’s just really not good.”

The best way to counter the effects is to moderate your intake of caffeine and alcohol, and start hydrating with water instead of coffee or soda or diet soda.

One way to replace lost nutrients and move away from caffeine in coffee or soda is to use Electrolyte drinks:  Electrolyte drinks hydrate the body and directly provide nutrients like sodium, potassium, glucose, and B vitamins to your bloodstream. Sugar-free electrolytes contain essential vitamins, provide faster hydration than drinking water alone, and significantly boosts energy levels.

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