LSU Health News Orleans physician impressed with COVID vaccines


the FDA is expected to vote on emergency approval for the Pfizer COVID vaccine and next week they will vote on the Moderna vaccine. LSU Health New Orleans Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Fred Lopez said this is good news considering we are seeing a spike in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

“But the fact that we have two vaccines, which look so effective, up to 95% effectiveness, in fact, is really encouraging,” said Lopez.

With two COVID vaccine options on the cusp of being approved when asked which one you should take Dr. Lopez said to take the first one that is offered to you.

“The data shows that they’re actually very comparable, we’re talking 94-95% efficacy when comparing the two. So, they are both extremely effective,” said Lopez.

Lopez said both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two inoculations, 21 and 28 days apart respectively. Lopez stresses the importance of taking both shots for maximum protection.

“But even after the first dose from the Pfizer vaccine you get some degree of protection but it’s nowhere near the protection you’re going to get after the second dose, which again is around 95% for both of these vaccines,” said Lopez.