See how long you will be without power if a hurricane hits Louisiana

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Power outages are a natural part of any hurricane making landfall in Louisiana, but at a Kenner city council meeting on Friday, an Entergy representative says to expect the power to be out longer than you might think.

Entergy customer service manager, Patrick Hamby, told Kenner council members that residents and business owners should prepare to be without power for up to seven days for a Category 1 storm, 10 days for a Category 2 storm, 14 days for a Category 3 storm, and 21 days for a Category 4 storm. If a Category 5 storm hits it could be more than 21 days before power is restored.

“Those are all the timeframes that we are telling customers to use as a potential for an expected outage timeframe if you do stay behind and a hurricane does hit and makes a direct landfall here,” said Hamby.

When Hurricane Ida made landfall it took Entergy 10 days to restore power in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

Entergy Louisiana spokesperson, David Freese, told the Kenner council that the utility company spent around $2.5 billion to restore power following Hurricane Ida making landfall.