Shreveport joins N.O., issues mask advisory

Photo credit LRN

Shreveport joins New Orleans in issuing an indoor mask advisory due to the Delta-fueled surge in COVID cases. Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins said the return to masking is what is needed to keep the Delta variant from running rampant.

“Asking out neighbors, and our friends, our family, to just wear a mask is very sensible and it is effective and it is a way that we can truly save lives,” said Perkins. “I’m not a pastor but I am a man of faith and I believe that God gives us science, God gives us tools to look after one another and right now we have vaccines, and we have masks.”

The state has suffered a dramatic increase in cases and COVID-related hospitalizations since the start of the month. Since July 1st Louisiana added 654 new COVID-related hospitalizations erasing five months of progress in three weeks.

Perkins said he made this decision after consulting with healthcare experts.

“Right now they are warning us that this highly transmissible and aggressive Delta variant is posing a huge threat to all of the citizens in our community,” said Perkins who added that this new surge threatens lives and the economy. “We cannot afford to lose one more person and we cannot afford to go into another shutdown.”

Roughly 30% of northwest Louisiana is vaccinated according to KSLA TV.