State steps in with temporary housing for LA residents still waiting for FEMA trailers

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More than a month after Hurricane Ida hit Southeast Louisiana FEMA is still not ready to distribute temporary housing.

Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson tells WWL's Tommy Tucker that the state of Louisiana is stepping-in with an option for housing, which will help people who can safely live on their own land.

“You have the regular RV camper, a HUB-approved mobile home, and then what they call ‘container-ized housing’, which is basically shipping container that are made into one or two bedrooms unit that you can drop in in places very easily and quickly,” Chaisson explained to WWL.

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Chaisson says people can be in some of these units soon.

“We are expected those first units to arrive in the parishes that need them in the next seven to ten-day,” said Chaisson.

He says more units are expected to arrive in the parish soon. FEMA trailers are not expected to be in the state next month at the earliest.

To apply for shelter directly from the state click here.