Thanh Report: Why are so many people leaving Louisiana?

Moving out
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Recent numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau show Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation when it comes to population loss. The statistics read like this: from July 1, 2021-July 1, 2022, Louisiana lost 36,857 residents.

The other states that lost more residents than Louisiana are New York, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania. If you expand that time frame to cover 2020, the number of residents who left Louisiana is north of 67,000. The latest rankings are just a snapshot of U.S. population shifts and may not necessarily represent long term trends, but they do in the case of Louisiana, and there is a sober reality for the state.

“Unequivocally, we are a poor state. It’s just tough to make a good living here,” said Greg Rigamer.

Rigamer’s life’s work has centered around numbers. He is a political pollster and consultant. Demographics and the study of it are at the core of what he provides for his clients, which as you can probably guess includes politicians…the people who can heavily influence policy and legislation that can directly affect Louisiana’s population.

In a circular way, Louisiana’s now diminishing population can affect the political landscape in which those politicians inhabit. But the impact of the state’s shrinking numbers is far reaching and multifaceted. And while you may be proud to be from Louisiana, it’s hard to find a way to be proud of the elements that are driving more people out.

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