Tulane Health expert: Keep Thanksgiving gatherings small

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State and Health leaders urge people to not travel or have the traditional large family gathering this Thanksgiving because of the ongoing pandemic.

Health experts fear people gathering with friends and extended family over the Thanksgiving holiday will drive up the Louisiana's number of covid cases.

“And that is not good,” said Associate Professor at Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Susan Hassig. “We know where that is going to wind up, with lots of people in the hospital and lots of people dying.”

Hassig says she understands the desire to be surrounded by loved ones during this trying pandemic, but says that can drive the state’s COVID-19 numbers upward.

“These kind of family gatherings can result in many, many people getting infected and people hospitalized,” said Hassig.

She suggests having Thanksgiving dinner outside, socially distance at the dinner table, and not to gather in the kitchen as the food is being prepared as a few ways to safely celebrate the holiday.

“And keep the masks on when you are not actively eating,” said Hassig.