Nguyen, Thomas make their case for District E voters ahead of early voting

Early voting for the New Orleans City Council runoffs starts Saturday and Lower 9th and New Orleans East voters will be choosing between former Council President Oliver Thomas and incumbent Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen, who both spoke with WWL’s Newell Normand.

The District E primary saw Thomas secure 45% of the vote to Nguyen’s 41%.

Nguyen said if given a second term she’ll fight to address decades of policy that has seen the East rife with inequity and underinvestment.

“I’m not one that talks about it, I actually deliver, and will continue to do so in my second term with their support,” said Nguyen. “I’m not a politician I’m a public servant, I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear I’m going to tell you the truth but I am going to work with you to find solutions.”

You can hear Nguyen’s full argument below:

Thomas is making his political comeback after a bribery scandal resulted in him resigning his City Council seat and serving federal time just over a decade ago. Thomas touted his array of connections, past record as a legislator, and previous tenure as Council President.

“Give the citizens the opportunity to vote for someone who not only understands, came from that district, but has the legislative background to make a difference,” said Thomas. “I just thought it was essential and important that maybe somebody with some institutional knowledge and relationships, I’m a former legislator of the year and understand how to use policy and the budget to impact the community.”

You can hear Thomas’ full argument below:

The election will be held December 11th. Voters in Districts B, C, and D also have run-off elections.