Funeral home offering free rides to polling places in limousine


SPANISH LAKE, Mo (KMOX) - If you're looking for a free ride with a lot of style when you go vote this year, look no further than a funeral home in St. Louis County.

The William C. Harris Funeral Directors & Cremation Service in north St. Louis County says they've already taken 14 people to vote on Tuesday via a free limousine ride. They'll be available until polls close at 7 p.m.

You can schedule a ride by calling them at 314-868-9500 and giving them your address and phone number.

Then the limo will pick you up, drop you off and take you home in style!

Director William C. Harris says he "wants to make sure everyone that is willing to vote, can vote."

“Funeral homes are such an important part of the community. If we don’t have services scheduled and there are cars that aren’t being used, why not offer them to the community," Harris says.

Harris says the limo, which usually seats 7, can only hold up to four people at a time due to COVID-19 restrictions. The cars are cleaned between every pickup.

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