Should Louisianans be allowed to carry concealed weapons without a permit?

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Louisiana State Representative Danny McCormick (R-Oil City) is pushing for legislation that would allow Louisianans to carry a concealed handgun on their person without needing a concealed carry permit or firearms safety classes.

Currently to concealed carry in Louisiana, you need to take a nine-hour course and pay a $125 fee for a five-year license, or $500 for a lifetime license.

McCormick said that mandate infringes on constitutional rights.

“I have always trusted rights to the individual and not to the government,” said McCormick. “I think that we as a nation are a republic and in a republic, the rights belong to the individual and not the government.”

Proponents of the license argue it provides gun owners with vital gun-safety training. McCormick said firearms training is good, but the permit mandate is not.

“I think people should be responsible for their own training processes and I don’t think the dysfunctional government requiring training helps anything,” said McCormick.

If signed into law Louisiana would become the nineteenth state with a “constitutional carry” law.