MUST HEAR: Priscilla Block "Just About Over You"

Coop's Swipe Right Song of the Week!

Every Friday, I share with you my Swipe Right Song of the Week, and trust me I look forward to it all week long too! It's a jam, or a new artist, new song that I am absolutely OBSESSED with and can't wait for you to hear.

This week, I am super excited to share Priscilla Block's "Just About Over You" as my song! Not only is her voice incredible, she's just plain REAL! Her personality shines through in every single word, and I know you'll dig this song as much as I do too!

Prisicilla Block with Coop!

Bonus, Priscilla will be on an upcoming Rockin' Saturday Night and I promise you, you're going to fall in love with her infectious personality! Her debut EP is out NOW and every single song on there is fantastic. While you are taking in the new EP, make sure you listen to "Sad Girls Do Sad Things" my personal fav!

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