25 Things You Didn't Know about ME (Natalia)

25 Thing You Didn't Know about Natalia
Photo credit Natalia

1. My favorite flowers are peonies & sunflowers

2. I went to school SIX days a week. My parents sent me to Ukrainian school in Maryland every Saturday where I learned how to read, write and speak Ukrainian.

3. I started playing violin when I was four years old. I learned via Suzuki method (where you have to memorize EVERYTHING!) I completely stopped playing when I turned 18.

4. I have three dogs. A mini Australian Shepherd - Cocoa. An English Mastiff - Bear, and we just rescued a standard Australian Shepherd - Bella.

5. I could live off of ham and pineapple pizza for the rest of my life. Salty & sweet for the WIN!

6. I have to sleep with a sound app, in the dark and a REALLY cold room. Plus, heavy blankets.

7. I have a fear of drowning and heights. I would love to try scuba diving...but that would mean getting over a major fear.

8. I don't eat any seafood. Never have. There's something about it that just totally turns me off.

9. I love to travel! I have been to Italy, England, France, Switzerland, Bahamas, St. Martin, Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Barbados...and there are several other places that I would LOVE to go to & are on my bucket list!

10. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift. I have met her twice & she is incredibly kind. She is an amazing performer too!

11. I used to appear in some TV commercials while in high school. I really wanted to get into acting. I did some small roles on the TLC channel & Discovery channel commercials.

12. I can't do a cartwheel or do the splits.

13. I have hundreds upon hundreds of lipsticks, lip glosses.

14. I have four tattoos. One on my lower back, and three on my left arm!

15. I absolutely love to read. I am a big under cover book worm! My goal is to build a little library in my house one day.

16. I am not a big fan of birds. I love ALL animals but I got bitten by a goose and a parakeet when I was a kid.

17. If I wasn't in radio I would be a private investigator. I love crime shows & I am able to dig up information when needed.

18. I feel most at peace in the mountains or by any body of water. I love seashore state park or being on the beach on shore drive.

19. I love all genres of music minus country. Yes, I even love classical music.

20. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love decorating...I go all out for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

21. Hand written cards, notes are more meaningful to me than a gift that was purchased. I keep all my hand written cards & notes.

22. My Aunt passed away from ovarian cancer when I was 12. I often feel she visits me or gives me little signs in the form of a cardinal.

23. I am terrible at math. I have to use a calculator or my fingers to count/subtract.

24. I tend to bite my fingers or pick on my nails when I am nervous.

25. I graduated from Christopher Newport University with a Communication degree and a minor in religious studies.

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