Artist transforms leaves into whimsical 3D cutout vignettes


This artwork is unbe-leaf-able.

A Japanese artist has gone viral for his intricate 3D vignettes made out of one of the most sustainable supplies imaginable.

The artist — who goes by @lito_leafart on Instagram and @teriyaki_cheese on Twitter — creates whimsical scenes that are carefully cut into leaves.

Each sleekly-designed work incorporates cute animals, simple human scenes, pop culture references or a mix.

The artist began making this type of work as a way to deal with his ADHD, according to Bored Panda.

But he really found his niche when inspiration struck him.

"Before I started leaf-cutting, I used to do paper-cutting, but I couldn't get much attention,” he said. “I was shocked to see the work of a Spanish leaf-cutting artist, and I started this art as well.”

People are receptive to the new work indeed. Some of the more recent works he’s shared on his Instagram have up to approximately 4,700 likes.

Adding to the dreaminess of the work is the way it’s photographed: each cutout is held up against blue skies with puffy floating clouds.

The Instagram account currently has over 33,000 followers.

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