Connecticut governor declares June 19, 2020 'Juneteenth Day'

HARTFORD, CT (1010 WINS) -- Gov. Ned Lamont on Friday declared June 19, 2020 “Juneteenth Day” in Connecticut, while calling on residents to “reflect on Connecticut’s incomplete journey toward racial equity.” 

“Today I’ve declared June 19, 2020 as #Juneteenth Day in Connecticut,” Lamont wrote on Twitter. 

“But simply recognizing a day and educating people about our country’s history is not enough,” he said. “We must do more. We must take action to reach the goal of a more equal and just society.” 

Lamont’s tweet was accompanied by an official proclamation declaring the day “Juneteenth Day.” 

“African Americans enslaved in Galveston, Texas first learned of their freedom on June 19, 1865, two and one-half years after the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln became effective,” the proclamation reads. 

“Since that time, June 19th has become known as ‘Juneteenth,’ and is recognized as the oldest known celebration of the end of slavery in the United States.” 

“Juneteenth not only commemorates African American freedom, but it also emphasizes education, self-improvement and the myriad achievements of the African American community,” the proclamation adds. 

“I hereby proclaim June 19, 2020 to be Juneteenth Day in the State of Connecticut, and encourage all our citizens to recognize the many significant contributions of Connecticut’s African American community, but also to reflect on Connecticut’s incomplete journey toward racial equity.”