Demonstrators rally outside state capitol demanding officials reopen New York

Coronavirus Albany
Photo credit Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Protesters rallied outside of the New York State Capitol Building in Albany on Wednesday calling on government officials to end the state "pause" amid the coronavirus crisis.

Demonstrators wanting to get back to work are upset the state will be closed until May 15 and were holding "Operation Gridlock: Reopen New York State" signs.

Some organizers said they are willing to take on the low-risk of being infected but still urged anyone who goes to stay inside of their cars.

Governor Andrew Cuomo asked those protesting his stay-at-home order to understand that they had to consider the health of others, not just themselves. “It’s not just about you,” he said. “You have a responsibility to me. It's not all about you. It's about me too. It's about we."

"People will die if we get cocky about reopening," Cuomo tweeted. "To those who are upset about our careful approach — don't blame your local official. Blame me," he adds.