Virologists Say Hugs Are Safer Than Handshakes

hugs are safer than handshakes, can I give hugs during the coronavirus
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Now that we've been allowed to gather again, you may have had one of those awkard encounters with a friend or colleague where you don't know how to greet them. Are we fist bumping? Foot tapping? Maybe you went in for a handshake and you got a hug instead. It was a quick one (unless you're me and you make it super weird with a long embrace) but it felt pretty good to come in contact with another human again. 

If you're a hugger, this is really good news; according to the New York Post, a virologist has confirmed that if you "don't want the bug, give a hug." Yes, experts in Belgium are saying that if you're trying to avoid the coronavirus, hugs are safer than handshakes. 

Dr. Van Sant says we carry a lot of germs on our hands and those germs can be spread more easily through a handshake adding, "difficult handshakes allow hands to come into contact with each other and with the environment and increase the chance of the spread.”

But before you go hugging everyone in sight, Van Sant notes that hugging should be saved for family members and people you have "an affinity with."