32-Show Bracket: What to Binge in Quarantine


We are going to have a lot of tv time soon so I, Connor Dunning, thought it would be fun to do a "32-Show Bracket: What to Binge in Quarantine"...I was so wrong.

I will lose sleep over the seeding and which shows had to be left off. 

Bring me your hate- Here is the 32-show bracket. Top left is drama, top right is comedy, bottom left is reality, bottom right is animated. 

Vote in the FINAL FOUR now!

Final four voting will begin at 1pm CST on 3/30 go through 3/31 at 1pm CST

Chamionship round voting will begin 3/31 at 1:01pm CST and go through 4/1 1pm CST


Download bracket here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RLe_Z4KalhJ3Fx5gTinvYP73POr4fEVS/view?usp=sharing