Kitty's Local Hour Playlist for 8/16/2020

Jonathan & Kitty with Westside Andy
Photo credit Jonathan & Kitty with Westside Andy at the Madison Blues Festival

Great tunes on this week's show. Here's the playlist!

"Just Cuz" by Westside Andy. From Blues Must Happen. See the harmonica master along with Glen Davis Tuesday night on the patio at Otto's on Madison's west side.

"Ramblin'" by Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo. From Live Loud Harmony.

"The Rainy Days" by Spooner. From Wildest Dreams.

"Chasin' The Sun" by Beth Kille. From the album Dust. See her Bailey's Run Vineyard in New Glarus Saturday at 3pm.

"Venus Kissed The Moon" by Loey Nelson. This Milwaukee native had a big record deal in the early 90s.

"Round To Get Down" by Teddy Davenport "

"Torch and Twang" by John Duggleby.

"4Everytime" by Lucas Cates.

"Midnight Train" by The Jeffrey James Show.

"It's Just A Matter of Time" by John Masino. His brand new CD is called In For the Night.

"Darken My Door" by Mojo Radio. From Rise.

"Miss Me When I'm Gone" by Chloe Louise. Our Project M champ from a couple years ago.

"Sparkler" by Jason Moon. From Trying to Find My Way Home.

"Home" by Whitney Mann. From The Western Sky.