A list of new restrictions in WA as we head into the holidays.

Closed Marquis
Photo credit gettyimages // Darwin Brandis

Just a week and change before Thanksgiving, we're about to regress a bit in the fight against this pandemic.

Here's a quick rundown of the changes being implemented by Governor Inslee in the face of our worst COVID-19 numbers yet. They are in place from 11/17 (11/18 for restaurants and bars) until December 14, 2020.

Indoor Social Gatherings - if people are from outside your household, they shouldn't come in unless they quarantine for 14 days (more conditions).

Outdoor Social Gatherings - limited to five people from outside your household.

Restaurants and Bars - no more dine in service. Outdoor is fine for groups five or fewer.

Gyms and Fitness - closed for indoor operations. Outdoor classes are cool but limited to five (see above).

Bowling - closed again <- if anyone has the sanitizer spray ready it's p>

Movie Theaters - closed again. Drive-in's are still ok.

Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums - closed for indoor service. Does that mean the outdoor Woodland Park Zoo or Point Defiance Zoom can still operate?

Real Estate - no open houses - I'm certain in this market people would buy something based on a drawing by my 3-yo...

Weddings and Funerals - limited to 30 people, no receptions/wakes/etc.

In-Store Retail - limited to 25% occupancy - food courts and common seating areas closed.

Religious Services - limited to 25 percent of indoor occupancy - no more than 200 people. Masks required, no singing (there's nuance here)

Professional Services - have your employees work from home. If impossible, limit offices to 25% occupancy.

Personal Services (salons, tattoo, barbers, tanning, esthetics) - limited to 25% capacity.

Long-term Care - outdoor visits are permitted - no indoor visits (with exceptions)

Youth and Adult Sporting Activities - Indoor is cancelled. Outdoor activities shall be limited to just people on your own team with masks for everyone.

Which of these hits you the hardest?

I guess we're going to have to really start getting that take-out food to keep these businesses going. Retail being limited leading into the holiday shopping season should be super problamatic, too. Every local business I've dealt with in pandemic responds so positively to our support so perhaps a call ahead to help ease the congestion could be a rad thing leading up to the holiday.