Best of 2019: Locals Only

Best of 2019
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2019 is in the books and it was another year loaded with great music from the PNW. This was the year we received the highly anticipated return of Pedro The Lion, NAVVI released a club album from the future, Great Grandpa setup shop in hearts all over the country, Travis Thompson put the world on notice, MYXA came out of nowhere, Ings finally released an album and it was 100% worth the wait, and Ben Zaidi and Budo made something completely perfect.

It was a remarkable year.

It was such a good year that it would be a real crime to just list 10 or even 20 of my favorite releases. The truth is the top 10 list changes every day. So instead here is a list of 50 albums, EPs and mixtapes from artists out of our part of the world that all deserve our attention.

Great Grandpa – Four Of Arrows


Cataldo – Literally Main Street


Sol – Soon Enough


Dude York – Falling


Pedro The Lion – Phoenix


Lisa Prank – Perfect Love Song


John Van Deusen – (I Am) Origami Pt. 3 A Catacomb Hymn


Ben Zaidi + Budo - Abandonism


Navvi – 25O2


Chris Staples – Holy Moly


Versing – 10000


Tacocat – This Mess Is A Place


Ravenna Woods – Disappearing Someone


somesurprises – somesurprises


Laza – In The Meantime


Duke Evers – Dreams and Desires That Are Common To Youth


Thunderpussy - Milk It


The Black Tones – Cobain & Cornbread


Travis Thompson – Reckless Endangerment


Rudy Willingham – Dunk Reactions


Ings – Lullaby Rock


MistaDC – HAPPYer Now




Dark Smith – Degressive


Jason McCue – Wasteland


Telekinesis – Effluxion


Lemolo – Swansea


Dave b. - Bleu


Flying Fish Cove – At Moonset


Antonioni – The Odds Were All Beating Me


Guayaba - Fantasmagoria


Dirty Rugs - Two Sides


La Fille – Alright Already


Sylvi – HomeBody


Hibou – Halve


Warren Dunes – Welcome To Warren Dunes


Dead Bars - Regulars


MYXA – Mosca


Actionesse – The Deep, Bright Below


Taylar Elizza Beth - Ripening


Variations – Make This Last


Black Ends - Sellout


Kilcid Band – Lead Singer EP


Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt


Moody Bear - Mood Swings


SassyBlack – Ancient Mohogany Gold


Terror/Cactus – Corriente EP


Black Belt Eagle Scout – At The Party With My Brown Friends


Aline & Wes – Lavender Lemonade


YourYoungBody – Devotion