Amazon is testing their robot deliveries up north

I've rarely pulled over so fast!
6-wheeled prime bots in Everett, WA.
Amazon testing out what looks like delivery bots Photo credit Gregr

I've rarely pulled over faster than when I saw a gang of blue 6-wheeled robots cruising down the sidewalk a mile from my house. Safety bibbed employees monitored these small, quiet machines as they slowly trundled down the sidewalk.

A few of the bots got around the corner and into the neighborhood without any direct supervision and frankly it's pretty creepy. They're fixed with embedded cameras detecting keeping them on target and are very timid which takes the creep factor down a bit.

prime marked delivery bot
They're pretty timid and about the size of a tail gate cooler Photo credit Greg

The fleet of blue machines had a little storage shed set up in the local church they test in front of - I suspect they have leased a couple parking spaces or have an influential technical minded parishioner or leader within.

How does this rub you? After seeing a TikTok post from a crane operator in Long Beach who said the whole yard is now automated with just a bit of human supervision, it feels like all those sad/tired/broken people dropping off my Amazon packages are looking at a similar fate to the crane operators.

Just wait until they put little Santa hats on them to "humanize" them a bit!