Awesome Seattle spot wins Brewery and Brewer of the Year

Worth making the trek to their tasting room!
Cans of Cloudburst Brewing beers.
Cloudburst Brewing wins big at Great American Beer Festival Photo credit Gregr

When getting together for a drink and some chatter no longer was possible, one of the coolest beer spots in Seattle, Cloudburst Brewing, began canning during the pandemic and treated us so right. Now the beer world has further recognized them with top honors for small breweries winning the Brewery and Brewer of the Year award at the Great American Beer Festival. Massive congrats are in order!

Both Washington and Oregon were super well represented in Denver at the gathering of beer brains. Elysian won gold for one of their best creations, Night Owl - a pumpkin beer that started the massive year pumpkin fest tradition! Reuben's Brews brought home gold for their Lilywhite wit. Even more awesome beers can be found here.

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