If Brandon Flowers sings Toby Keith, what else is he into?!

The frontman for The Killers and Gregr caught up about new music, the last couple years, and the music he missed out on when he was young.
Brandon Flowers of The Killers
Brandon Flowers of the Killers beside old showbiz style bulbed giant "k" Photo credit File

Brandon Flowers moved his family back to his home state of Utah and spent his time during the pandemic longing for a return to his home town of Nephi. He's candid about the sentimentality involved in answering the call of home, singing the advice he wishes he could give his younger self, and finding the greats of the singing and songwriting world from Toby Keith to Randy Newman, John Prine and beyond! Plus, we had the chance to address a post saying that "Mr. Brightside" is this generations "Don't Stop Believing."

Here's the clip that The Killers social media team captured of Brandon and his VocalMist Nebulizer belting out some Toby Keith. While I know it's small minded, I never anticipated being anything but annoyed by hearing Toby Keith...