Careful: ticketing traffic cameras are in effect around Seattle!

Don't block the box... or crosswalk... or bus lane...

If you're unfamiliar with the worst traffic this side of planet Neptune, I'd suggest taking a 5:00 p.m. drive along Mercer St right at technology-hell downtown to see just how terrible driving life can get. It's one of the hotspots new traffic cams are monitoring to ticket you for getting caught in the intersection, a crosswalk, or stuck mid-turn blocking the bus lane leading on to Mercer. Note that they're not all sending tickets just yet, but will be soon.

The full list of locations:
Aurora Avenue N and Galer Street
Westlake Avenue N and Valley/Roy Street
4th Avenue and Battery Street
5th Avenue and Olive Way
3rd Avenue and Stewart Street
1st Avenue and Columbia Street
3rd Avenue and James Street
4th Avenue and Jackson Street

Your first offense will land you a warning, after that it's $75 per infraction should you get photographed caught out of place. It's absolutely the worst when you're waiting at the line to cross when traffic dissipates and then someone sneaks that right turn right in front of you and snarls the whole process. Sorta seems like this program will only make that sniping easier for the pesky right-turner.