Connecting sick kids to live music with Melodic Caring Project

Founder Levi Ware joins Gregr to tell a feel good story about how we can help.
photo of Melodic Caring Project founder Levi Ware standing outside.
Levi Ware founder of Melodic Caring Project Photo credit via Melodic Caring Project //

It was born on the spot in a pinch when a party to help lift the spirits of a girl battling leukemia looked likely to be impossible following a quarantine situation when Levi Ware fired up his laptop and video conferenced all of this young lady's supporters into her hospital room. It was that act that birthed the Melodic Caring Project. MCP was hosting Zoom concerts a decade before any of us ever even considered it!

Since then and almost thirteen years later, Levi, his wife and small team managed to stream hundreds of shows to thousands of kids and families when those patients couldn't get out to enjoy even the simplest of things. The story is fantastic and the ask for help from us seems so straight forward and frankly easy.

Learn more about Melodic Caring Project, sign up for their 2023 gala, or just make a donation so they can make more kids, families, and friends the rock stars at coming shows! Donate today.

Featured Image Photo Credit: via Melodic Caring Project //