Dick's Drive-in adds new location in Bellevue

Let the immature jokes begin!
Dick's Drive-In holiday bag
Dick's Drive-In opened a new Bellevue location on December 16, 2021. Photo credit Gregr

It was a tasty day for Eastside burger lovers with the addition of the iconic Dick's Drive-In location at Crossroads Bellevue shopping center. The local chain first opened shop in Seattle in 1954 and has recently been in expansion mode with the addition of Edmonds, Kent, a food truck and now the return to Bellevue.

It will be pretty rad to hit up a movie at that Regal Cinema theater across the parking lot and then come out to late night Dick's. Or if you're the devil reverse the order, sneak some burgs into you movie and drive everyone mad with the tasty savory smells steaming from your pocket.

Normally I go either Deluxe, cheese, and a Coke, but today it was Deluxe and two cheese. What is your order?!

Earlier this week they shuttered up the Capitol Hill location for remodeling that is hoping to be finished by spring. Because Dick's has such a good record with paying employees well, helping pay for school, and dishing out the benefits, it should come as no surprise that the company is moving CH workers to other locations to keep them safe.