Fat Albert Pilot from Washington is flying for Seafair!

The Blue Angels transport their whole team in the back of this big bird to dazzle us from above Lake Washington!
Major Joshua Soltan in front of C-130J "Fat Albert"
Major Joshua Soltan pilot of C-130J "Fat Albert" for the US Navy Blue Angels Photo credit Gregr

I was fortunate enough to join Seafair on the tarmac and see the Blue Angels up close and with flight personnel to explain the craft. They assigned each of us our own vehicle and I got to speak with Major Joshua Soltan about the big bird, the C-130J affectionately known as Fat Albert. Bonus: Maj Soltan is a Washington native and then introduced HM1 Brandon Crawford, a Tacoma local!

HM1 Brandon Crawford of Tacoma part of the flight team for the US Navy Blue Angels' Fat Albert C-130J
HM1 Brandon Crawford of Tacoma! Photo credit Gregr
Featured Image Photo Credit: Gregr