Get your degree from beer school

South Puget Sound Community College will help you turn a hoppy hobby into a job!

Lots of places will teach you to brew some beer, but only one comes through an Associates Degree: South Puget Sound Community College. Get enrolled for a two year program learning the ropes of turning hops malt and barley into beer, fermenting some apples for a fall cider, and really going for it and making your own spirits!

Obviously there's a huge industry, especially in Washington and Oregon, for beer brewing, but this is another great example of not needing to pump a zillion dollars into a college degree or learning through painful mistakes as you go. Plus, school isn't always the right fit for everyone because there's so much time spent learning about things you find irrelevant. Focusing on the skills to take an interest and turn it into a career can be a better fit for some.

You'll have to be 21+ in order to participate because of course as you make the booze, you'll need to be able to legally taste it. Duh. According to KING 5, the program hopes to expand to a four-year degree in the future. Just wait until cannabis becomes legal nationwide and SPSCC needs to expand to a new agriculture program!