Gregr and alt-J discuss their upcoming album 'The Dream' and reflect on their favorite Seattle shows!


It's not an exaggeration to say that alt-J has a long and storied history in the Seattle alternative-music scene and at 107.7 The End. Watch as Gregr and Gus of alt-J dive in to an amazing 10-years spent with the band and their relationship with our city. From their small show at The Crocodile in 2012 to their upcoming co-headlined show at WaMu Theater with Portugal. The Man on March 29th, 2022.

Speaking of that show at The Crocodile, apparently Gus still has a framed poster of that concert on the wall of his home!

Find out more about the creation process of alt-J's new album The Dream, set to release on February 11th, 2022, what Gus has been up to the past year-and-a-half while in lockdown and much more.

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