Keep your eyes open for Krampus

This is next level Christmas cosplay.

Huge tip of the cap to Leavenworth, WA, where they’re celebrating the Christmas holidays in the pretend-Bavarian town with their usual half a zillion lights, but also by embracing Krampus.

A Krampus wandering the streets of Leavenworth looking for naughty children to eat!
A Krampus wandering the streets of Leavenworth looking for naughty children to eat! Photo credit CMC Photography

What the crap is Krampus? Oh, just the demon looking furry anti-Santa. In lots of Europe he’s like the metal version of getting coal in your stocking -- naughty children are taken and eaten by him. I get why we changed it over time! This week started with the Seattle Times writing a piece on how Leavenworth invited a Seattle cosplay group to come participate in the holidays in full Krampus gear and how a certain section of people we're not ok with it.

What's not to like? The gist: it's a war on Christmas (again).

Though I do wonder what the crossover is between people who think this is a war on Christmas and also complain about participation trophies? Nothing says "work hard or else" quite like the threat of a horned beast carrying you off to be eaten.

One notion from the Seattle Times story that jumped out at me was a comment on a social media post for Krampus Seattle "“All these kids smiling . . . Santa pics always have kids crying!” Now, I'm sure there are plenty of kids horrified of these magnificent costumes.

Thanks for bearing with me and my idiotic history lesson which National Geographic does a great job with it (see above video). I reached out to Krampus Seattle just because I wanted to give them more love with the incredible cosplay efforts they put forth in hopes that maybe you'll see them out ruining Christmas some day! Though I haven't yet had a chance to meet them, I find that the people who put this level of detail into imagination are some of the sweetest and kindest in the land.

One last photo because even Krampus loves dogs.