Listen: Mike Shinoda with new song "In My Head" and thoughts on Meteora20

And yes, he's on TikTok.
Singer/musician Mike Shinoda stands between and under two freeway on ramps
Photo credit WMG Frank Maddocks

Mike Shinoda stamped his way into our hearts for many of us as the soundtrack to our angsty youth but then by making a conscious effort to grow and develop as people and with their sound they helped us learn to weild our emotions, too. What an honor to ask him about 20 years ago with that growth plus to find out where he's at making music 20 years later!

The documentary sounds wild! Lots of spiky hair and big necklaces to explain to your kids, Mike! Imagine having the insight at the time - before the influencer internet - to know to document your process. The box set sounds wild.

Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxset includes:
5 LPs
3 DVDs (including 70-minute documentary)
4 CDs
40 page book
Giant Poster
Litho logo sticker
and more! More? Much more!

He also mentioned his playlist to follow, *Breadcrumbs by Mike Shinoda. And finally, check out the new single and video below!

Featured Image Photo Credit: WMG Frank Maddocks