Locals Only Artist of the Month: Sea Lemon

Photo credit Sea Lemon

Early this Spring, when I found out that Locals Only would be returning, I reached out to a handful of people in the music community to see if they had any recommendations for the show. Many of the folks I spoke to gave me a handful of suggestions. One project kept coming up. Sea Lemon.

“Have you heard about Sea Lemon?” or “do you know Natalie Lew?” were questions I was asked more than a few times.

I wasn’t familiar with Sea Lemon at the time, but I certainly am now.

During the pandemic Natalie Lew made the decision to transition from music fan to musician with fans. Fast forward to this summer which has already been a big one for Lew with a performance and Capitol Hill Block Party and the release of her fantastic new single Vaporized which I can’t stop playing on Locals Only. In addition to that Sea Lemon is now signed with Luminelle and will be releasing a new EP, Stop at Nothing, later this month.

These are some of the reasons it was an easy choice for Sea Lemon to be our Locals Only Artist of the Month of August.

Learn more about Sea Lemon and Natalie Lew in her own words below:

I grew up on the Eastside but came to Seattle a lot for shows as a kid and throughout high school. One of my first memories of a “show” experience was winning (I think?) an experience to see Metric play an End Session for a small group. In high school I volunteered with the MoPop (formerly EMP) and helped out with Sound Off, and went to UW later, where I worked with the ASUW to pick which artists should play shows/give lectures on campus. I’ve always had a huge interest in the local music community (my first “favorite” band I can remember is Hey Marseilles, a local band lead by Matt Bishop who I now run into at my local coffee shop frequently). Seattle has a really amazing and special history around music and it’s been wild to play venues like Neumos and Capitol Hill Block Party which I grew up attending.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Sea Lemon