Matty Healy of The 1975 is the model for how all of us should conduct ourselves. Listen!

The 1975: Ross, Matty, George and Adam.
The 1975: Ross, Matty, George and Adam. Photo credit Samuel Bradley

It's obviously not as easy as everyone behaving like Matty Healy in this quarter hour interview, but his demeanor, recognition of growth, and kindness are all awesome examples for how to treat one another better! From World Cup fandom to flexibility in their live show, we cover a lot together with Matty.

Within moments of listening to him speak, it was clear that the excellence of their fifth (?!?!) studio album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language was a reflection on the growth of the humans, the artists, crafting these songs. Matty talks about moving away from the sardonic on songs like "I'm In Love With You" to "on the nose earnestness" and a sense of vulnerability. Enjoy hearing from a kind hearted, self-aware musician who just hopes to grow his audience through connection and open his bigger work up to greater criticism. Also, I made sure ask what happened to that yellow jacket he wore on the 2019 tour! Thanks for listening.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Samuel Bradley