The Best of Nerd Talk this week.

Suck up some oxygen and let's go!
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A busy week in space, inside your gooey body, and on the internet - let's go!

Turns out video games are the answer!
One of my favorite terrible childhood movies, Short Circuit, is being rebooted.
We sent more humans (and one stuffed alien) to the ISS.
Microsoft: Please don't blow vape smoke into your new Xbox.
Amazon gives porch pirates something new to steal from you.
Robot dogs patrolling military base in Florida bc of course.
Stay warm this winter with Pizza Hut's pizza themed weighted blanket.
A robot that will TL;DR for you!
Killing cancer with no drugs while...
...reversing aging in a hyperbaric chamber!

And finally:
What I think is actually Earth's own death star laser array is being dismantled because it's too dangerous to fix or whatever.